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Teks Drama Inggris...

Romeo n Juliet
Romeo : Culbert
Juliet : Sisca
StepMother : Ocha
StepSister : Desy
StepBrother : Khrisma
Romeo Father : David
Juliete Father : Ardi
Romeo Brother : Ocir
Narator 1 and gardener : Wisely
Narator 2 and bodyguard : Joshua

On a day in a kingdom of a magnificent, there is a beautiful girl named Juliet, first of his life very happy, but ever since his mother died of his life to be changed. His father, married to a widow who had 2 children. His stepmother called Odelia and the second stepsister and brother named Josh and Venia always evil to him. But all the stepmother and stepsister to its second never mind by the father Juliet.

In a day, in the kingdom

Fj : mom, tomorrow Romeo family want to come to put our daughter venia ... If everything is ready?
SM : Yes father, this day I will prepare all
Fj: Well, I went to work first
SM: Ok take care dad...

After Juliet dad go, His stepmother at once approached Juliet.
SM: Juliette…Juliette...Come here
J : wait mom
SM: Hurry up...
Juliet at once approached the stepmother
SM : Where your two older brothers??
J : Sis Venia in his room was make up, bro Josh was playing football at the garden behind
SM : Okay, now you was prepared all the requirement for your older sister’s party tomorrow, don’t until there is something missing any.
J : ok mom…
Her stepmother at once left Juliet and approached Venia
SM : Venia, What are you doing??
Venia : Will be preparing the appearance during tomorrow
SM: good, tomorrow you must be seen elegant and pretty in front of Romeo and his family
Venia: Definitely mom, I will not pass all
Sm: have all of your dresses been prepared?
Venia : That not yet mother
Sm: Why was not yet prepared?
Venia: Because being not of flattened
Sm: OK, I will tell Juliet to flatten
Then stepmother call Juliet
Sm : Juliet . Juliet come here
Juliet : yes mom, what happened?
Sm : Why did not yet you iron your older sister's dress??
Juliet: sorry mom, I don’t know
Venia : Lie, Juliet only the reason mom
Juliet : Not mom. I did not tell lies.. I really didn’t know
Sm : Quietly you Juliet.. don't many reasons.. now fast your iron of the older sister’s dress
Juliet : But mom… (Venia cut off Juliet's discussions)
Venia : Don't many reasons, fast tomorrow me must appear pretty in front romeo
Juliet : okay..
The stepmother and stepsister Juliet at once laughed roared with laughter saw Juliet was not powerful
Juliet : Oh lord, why did the mother and my sis n bro be so bad to me?
Juliet could only cry with what was done by the stepmother and her stepsister
Several hours afterwards
J : Juliett..Juliettt..Fast come here
Juliet : Ia bro, what happened??
J: Fast got my towel and prepared warm water for me bathed..
Juliet : okay broo..
SM : Juliett…fast Fast prepared dinner Later your father will come home fast
Venia : Don't forget to prepare my favourite food
John : And don't forget my favorite dessert
Juliete : Ok mom,sist,bro
Juliet's father arrived in the house
SM : uppss..father has come home.. how his work today?
Father : Be tiring enough
SM : Okay then if just as the father bathed first, completely that just we ate dinner together, I have prepared dinner that special
Father : Okay thanks mom
SM : Vania.. Fast prepared warm water for your father
Vania : hagh me??
Blinked the eyes to his daughterWhile waiting for Juliet's father to bathe, Juliet's stepmother threatened so that he should not inform to his father about what happened earlier today
Father : Come on we ate dinner together
At dinner
Father : mom.. How will preparations during tomorrow be ready all?
SM : Already dad, has frozen all of them
Father : good.. How today all ok? There was no problem?
SM : problem
The next day, all became busy.. Vania engrosseded in organising makeup with her mother.. John engrosseded in preparing the coat that will be worn by him.. the father only sat read the newspaper.. whereas Juliet busy cleaning the kitchen, because her might not gather to this fiancé

Several hours afterwards the family romeo came.. Romeo was seen handsome by being accompanied by his father who had a name ferdinand,, brother his man who was named Dylan and a person body guard the kingdom that had a name stevanus
Body guard : Please come in, I must guard the host inside?
Romeo : Might not, you just wait outside guarded our gold carriage..
Body guard : Okay, if having the direct problem I called the host
Romeo : okay thanks

Father Juliet : Welcome Romeo and Ferdinand..please come in
Father Romeo : thank you
FJ : Be waiting for a moment was called by me previously the child and my wife
FJ : Odeliaa… come here..Romeo has come
SM n Vania : Wait father..
Several minutes afterwards Vania came to be accompanied by her mother..
Vania : are you..( Shook hands )
Romeo : Haii..Vaniaa…im fine..
SM : Juliiieetteee….Prepare the drink to romeo and his family
Juliete : okay,,,,
When Juliet took drank an,romeo gazed at Juliet with the warm smile …
Romeo : who her?
SM : her is Juliett..sister vaniia
Romeo : The name that was beautiful like his face
Vania and his mother that heard words romeo only could keep annoyed..
Dylan : vania you looked so pretty now..
Vania : Thanks Dylann.. You were also seen handsome

Evidently secretly Romeo liked Juliet in the first view, and Dylan evidently liked Vania his older brother's prospective fiance

Ferdinand : Okay, was thought by me has been discussing enough him, let's held his fiance's agenda
Father Juliet : Yes come on we began
Romeo : SorryBetter this engagement agenda was postponed by us first
Vania : What???Why Romeo (shock)
Ferdinand : What's up with you my child?
Romeo : Yes father and Vania.. according to me, that that was best now
Dylan : The serious brother? Don't be too fast took the decision
SM : Yahh.. Think about before romeo
Dylan : Kak.. saw Vania.. vania has prepared by appearing pretty today for you..
SM : yeahh..very true romeoo
Vania could only fall silent Vania embarrassed and was annoyed with the attitude and the action romeo
Romeo : These boots my decision.. I did not love Vania?!
The statement romeo heated Vania and his brother
Vania : What was said by you? You did not love me?
Romeo : Sorry Vania..I didn’t love you..I only regarded you as my sister not more
Vania cried heard the statement romeo
SM : Already my child should not cry again
Vania : But Mom.. (Vania crying increasingly tight )
FJ : Already vania should not cry.. Received the reality
SM : But dad..romeo hurt the feelings of our child
Ferdinand : Forgive my child.. I did not know will be like this..
FJ : It's alright.. indeed this the available reality
Romeo : Sorry uncle.. I did not mean hurt Vania.. but I did not want to tell lies to my feeling that I liked Juliet
SM : OMG..Juliieett..

Vania felt Vania canned be competed with with Juliet . Vania and the mother him began to feel revenge with Juliet and intended to repay all of them

Dylan : But vania Honestly I liked you..
Vania : Sorry Dylan I only loved romeo not you
Dylan could only fall silent and be disappointed with the Vania answer
Romeo : uncle, Might I met juliete ?
Father Juliete : Please, possibly juliete was in the garden behind
Romeo : okay

Romeo went to approach Juliete, but when wanting to approach Juliete.. Romeo saw juliete was discussing with his gardener.. romeo intended to listen to some of their discussions

Gardener : Why you not inside?? Gathered with them?
Juliete : Tidakk.. I did not deserve to gather with them.. saw I was dirty like this
Gardener : Don't like that.. in fact you were pretty juliete.. but because you had not treated yourself then
Juliete : Was not possible to have the opportunity to treat itself.. even I who treated themselves
Gardener : All will be beautiful in time Juliet
Juliete : yeah..maybe
Suddenly romeo approached them
Gardener : The host.. what's up came come here ?
Romeo : I only wanted to prove your words to this pretty girl
Gardener : My words whichever? Indeed him the host heard our discussions?
Romeo : OK sorry has the yacht listened to your discussions.. all will be beautiful in time not?
Gardener : yes..
Romeo : The time is now Juliet
Juliet : What his intention the host? I did not understand
Romeo : Did don't call I the host.. called romeoo.. I still have not carried out the engagement with your sister
Juliet : why Definitely vania very sad
Romeo : I didn’t love vania..but I love you at first side
Juliet : Definitely the host.. uppss.. romeoo just kidding
Romeo : I did not joke.. I saw simplicity from yourself Juliet ..Unlike vania that was full of luxury and the falseness
Juliet blushed heard words Romeo,dan the gardener left the two of them in garden
Romeo : Yeahh..Juliett.. I wanted to speak something
Juliet : what romeo?
Romeo : Possibly this was too fast for you.. but I must fast said.. I did not want to lose the pretty girl like you
Juliet Only fell silent and romeo held Juliet's two hands
Romeo : Did you want to marry me?
Juliet ; I wanted.. because I also loved you romeo

The two of them at once embraced, romeo took the tree twig and was made by him sperti the previous ring was given to Juliet. evidently the stepmother and his older brother saw what happened between romeo n Juliet.. they were very angry and annoyed.. they intended to take revenge

SM: Hey! I have a special job just for you?
Bodyguard: Yes madam what can I do for you
SM: When master go to out of town, kill it without mercy!
Bodyguard: But
SM: No Buts just do your work!!!
Bodyguard: Yes Madam
After receive the order, the bodyguard had no idea to kill his own master. On the next day Juliet’s father went to the other city, and the bodyguard is gone to execute him.
FJ: Give me a cup of tea please.
BG: Yes master (pouring poison)
FJ: (drink) Oh my head so heavy and dizzy.
After get dizzy for a while Juliet’s father dead and the bodyguard is on the way back to the Juliet’s house
SM: Have you finished your work???
BG: Just as you say madam
SM: Good
Suddenly Juliet saw her father died in his carriage, and she was very sad, meanwhile the step mother already have a dirty trick to eliminate Juliet forever, and Romeo came to Juliet’s house to propose her
Romeo: Excuse me madam today I come to here is to propose your daughter Juliet as my wife.
SM: Ok then, the wedding party will be celebrate tomorrow
After Romeo leave Juliet’s House the step mother is discussing the plan with her 2 children,
SM: Tomorrow morning I will kill you Juliet!!!
V: Yes! You will pay what did you done to me
J: Ok! Tomorrow we kill Juliet just same as like her father
SM: And I will be rich (Laughing)
The next day the wedding party is celebrated in Juliet’s house and the preparation are complete
SM: Wow Juliet you look so great with that dress
V: Yes and you were very beautiful and Romeo will be surprised
SM: Before that you should drink a cup of tea
Juliet: thanks all for the appreciation (drink)
After drinking the tea suddenly Juliet was laid down on the floor, suddenly Romeo come to save Juliet but it’s too late.
R: Juliet why you left me alone, why… Why… why, and I will follow you to the heaven (Drink the poison tea)
And Romeo were died after drink the poison and He never know why his beloved couple were die, and the stepmother family have gain total control of the treasure of Juliet’s family and they went to buy houses with the money that they get from her husband treasure.

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